With over 50 years of hands-on experience, Oceanfood Sales is able to maintain rigorous standards of quality, food safety, and sustainability throughout our seafood brands and partner lines.
Through experience with our own house brands, Nanuk and Voyageur, we only partner with global companies that fit with our values and goals.
We represent a diverse range of premium seafood products to continuously offer Canadians the best products.


In 1970, Nanuk (Inuit for “polar bear”) was created as a Canadian brand of troll-caught salmon for European smokers. Ever since, we’ve been sharing premium, ethically sourced products that Canadians can proudly serve their customers and families.

Voyageur Seafood

Like the legendary voyageurs of Canada, we are travellers, connectors and purveyors of the finest goods. The Voyageur brand was developed exclusively for Canadian restaurateurs, chefs and suppliers to access the best seafood the world has to offer.

King & Prince Seafood

King & Prince® is a line of high-quality, restaurant-ready seafood products and preparations. These flagship items are ideal for placement as entrée features and accompaniments.

Mrs. Friday’s

Mrs. Friday’s® is King & Prince’s® signature line of battered and breaded seafood products, renowned for great taste and quality.

Pride of Alaska

Pride of Alaska® is King & Prince’s® premium line of surimi products, which yield a superior texture and consistency in all menu applications.

Coldwater Prawns of Norway

  Over the years, Oceanfood Sales has developed a reputation for choosing companies who share our same stewardship practices and high quality control standards. Dating as far back as the eighties, our commitment to high-quality products started with our

Dutch Harbor

Dutch Harbour® is King & Prince’s® quality line of chunk-style surimi seafood, made from sustainable products and offering outstanding texture and taste.

Orca Bay Foods

Orca Bay is a food products and services company providing excellent seafood choices for over 20 years, focused on quality frozen, consumer packaged fillet from halibut, tuna, cod, swordfish, and more.

Upper Crust Enterprises

For over 35 years, Upper Crust Enterprises has been a leader in providing truly authentic gourmet Japanese Panko (bread crumbs) and tempura batter mix to people all over the world.


Oceanfood Sales also trades in unbranded commodities, for more information on our branded or unbranded commodities please reach out to us today.