Oceanfood Sales is focused on providing the best seafood products on the market. Understanding the need for safe food sourced with high environmental responsibility standards, we strive to build strong relationships with top producers and distributors who share our values regarding responsibility and quality.

Food Safety

100% of our products are produced in facilities with SQF or BRC Certifications. 100% of our products are produced or imported following the new Safe Food for Canadians regulations.

Food Source Awareness

Food Provenance is the knowledge of where food originates, and how it is harvested, processed, and packaged. We work closely with our partners and can ensure the food provenance of our products. We frequently visit our trade partners, and personally inspect the facilities and sources of our producers.

Environmental Sustainability

We work with several sustainability-focused NGOs to further ensure that our brands and partners are adhering to processes that are deemed environmentally responsible. Sustainable practices help ensure a healthy ocean environment. All our products are rated by one or more of the many NGOs. Contact us for an updated current list of products for the NGO you work with.