Pride of Alaska Seafood is King & Prince’s premium line of cooked, ready-to-eat surimi products manufactured in various forms to fulfill a variety of applications. Made of a combination of high-grade surimi and snow crab, the products have a far superior texture and consistency compared to their competitors in the North American surimi market.

About the Brand: Pride of Alaska

Manufactured in the United States and MSC certified with chain of custody, Pride of Alaska is King & Prince’s premium line of surimi seafood made from real Alaskan pollock and snow crab. The high-quality fish content formulation yields bigger seafood flavor and comes in versatile forms and styles for various applications. These products provide added convenience, safety, and versatility for foodservice and end users.

About the Products

We offer a wide selection of Pride of Alaska’s offerings, including shredded-style, bite-style, and scallop shaped surimi seafood. The different shapes and styles are ideal for fulfilling various applications, and are all formulated using King & Prince’s patented filament style processing method, the Nissui Spun Protein process. This results in a fibre with a truly unique texture that does not break down in hot applications and is also versatile enough to work in cold sushi applications. For more information, please reach out to your local Oceanfood Sales office near you.