For over 35 years, Upper Crust Enterprises, Inc. has been a leader in providing truly authentic gourmet Japanese Panko Bread Crumbs and Tempura Batter Mix to consumers from all over the world. A family owned and operated business, the innovative company was the first Panko manufacturer in the United States and continues to produce authentic quality Panko today.

About the Brand: Upper Crust Enterprises

The family business was founded by Gary Kawaguchi and his father, Mrs. Friday’s founder Masashi Kawaguchi. During the 1980s, the family introduced Panko – Japanese bread crumbs – as a coating on its seafood, and it was a huge hit in American restaurants. The Panko was originally imported, but the family decided to build a facility to manufacture their own, becoming the first in the U.S.

In 2006, Gary Kawaguchi bought his family’s Panko operation and changed the name to Upper Crust Enterprises. He has since continued his family’s legacy, pursuing their dream to provide consumers with quality Japanese Panko bread crumbs and tempura batter mix.

Upper Crust Enterprises manufacturing plant still remains where it was originally built, but is continuously modernized to keep up with consumer needs. Many of the employees have been with the company for 20-30 years, lending valuable experience to the operation.

Now their Japanese Panko products are sold around the world, supplying restaurant chains in Canada, the United States, Mexico, South America, Central America, Europe, UAE, Africa and other countries. All of the Upper Crust Enterprises products are Kosher Certified and Halal Certified, have zero trans fat, and are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

About the Products

Authentic Japanese Panko Bread Crumbs – Not all Japanese Panko bread crumbs are created equally! Using Upper Crust Enterprises authentic Panko will make a noticeable difference in your menu items. Authentic Panko will have a light airy texture and a sliver-shape, flaky crumb. Many generic Panko products are round with a hard, dense texture.

Seasoned Panko Bread Crumbs – Their authentic Japanese Panko is beautifully blended with spices and seasonings. Add a splash of flavour to your menu items with Caribbean Coconut Panko, Italian Panko, or let us mix a custom blend for you.

Authentic Tempura Batter Mix – Upper Crust Enterprises Authentic Japanese Tempura Batter Mix is a blend of quality flours, baking powder, and other quality ingredients to develop an extra crispy and lacy coating for your menu items. It will stay crispy for a long period of time and is never greasy or oily.

We are proud to partner with Upper Crust and offer a variety of their product line to suit individual needs. Please reach out to your local Oceanfood Sales office for further information.


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