King and Prince® Seafood is a line of high-quality, restaurant-ready seafood products and preparations. These flagship items are ideal for placement as entrée features and accompaniments.

About the Brand: King & Prince® Seafood

King & Prince® Seafood has a rich history dating back to 1949, providing quality seafood products to the Canadian foodservice industry under its signature brand, as well as the Mrs. Friday’s®, Pride of Alaska®, Sensations®, and Dutch Harbor® lines. 

By using only the best resources and minimal processing, the company delivers products with an amazing flavour and texture. With extensive global sourcing networks through Nissui, the world’s second largest seafood company, King & Prince® follows sustainability guidelines to ensure long term availability. These standards go hand in hand with the company’s continuous growth, exemplified through their partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, who helps them develop sustainable sourcing strategies to drive seafood purchases. This can also be seen in their relationship with the Global Aquaculture Alliance, of which they are a founding member. The GAA also certifies the brand’s farm-raised shrimp so customers can know they are making an informed, sustainable choice.

About the Product:

For over 65 years, King & Prince Seafood® has been delivering top-quality seafood by following the strictest quality control procedures and maintaining food safety that exceeds industry standards. Their goal is to provide you with a year-round assortment of seafood products.

The King & Prince®  history is built on an impressive portfolio of customers, and tells a story of consistency and reliability. They adopted the Global Standard for Food Safety, the benchmark for best practices in the food industry. Their Bellingham, WA, Brunswick, GA, and Redmond, WA, facilities achieved certification according to the BRC Standards, and were awarded an “A” grade for food safety and quality systems. In addition, they were awarded Quiznos’ Vendor of the Year in 2014, as well as the 2014 Bronze Supplier, Seafood from Sysco.

We offer a wide selection of King & Prince® products, including the following: 

  • Gourmet Seafood Crab Cake
  • Gourmet Lobster and Seafood Cake
  • Jumbo Crab Sensations
  • Lobster Sensations
  • Craft Beer Battered Tail-off Shrimp
  • Craft Beer Battered Cod and more!

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