Orca Bay Foods is an energetic and creative food products and services company providing excellent seafood choices for over 30 years. They offer premium quality frozen, consumer-packaged fillets from halibut, tuna, cod, swordfish, and more.

With values that reflect our own, the company offers consumers an outstanding array of products. We are proud to partner with Orca Bay and their consistent outstanding standards and their ability to nurture like-minded business relationships with global seafood harvesters.

About the Brand: Orca Bay Foods

In the 1980s, Orca Bay was the brain child of two top seafood executives, born out of a vision to bring a better value direct to customers. They sought to accomplish this by providing higher-quality, all-natural frozen seafood than what was being sold in the market.

More than thirty years later, Orca Bay still employs many multi-decade ‘Orcans’ who have worked their way up through the company, such as President Ryan Mackey. Mackey started off as a fork lift driver in the company’s warehouse, moving up to a night shift foreman and eventually production manager, plant manager, seafood buyer, and operations manager. In 1996, Mackey became president of the company, then a $30 million business. Today, it has grown to over $160 million and has over 200 employees in Seattle, WA.

About the Product

Quality is number one at Orca Bay Foods – their offerings must be on par with everything in the fresh case, if not even better. The premium fish is frozen immediately after harvest at the peak of freshness, then skillfully cut into meal-sized portions for operator convenience. After thawing, these high-quality fillets are ready for the pan, oven, or grill and make a wonderful addition to any menu.

We are proud to offer Taco Cut Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna Steaks, and Mahi Portions from Orca Bay. Please reach out to your local Oceanfood Sales office for further information.

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