Over the years, Oceanfood Sales has developed a reputation for choosing companies who share our same stewardship practices and high quality control standards. Dating as far back as the eighties, our commitment to high-quality products started with our partnership with Helge Richardson Trading of Norway. With plants in Tromso, Trondheim, and Hammerfest, Helge Richardson was a pioneer in the export of Norwegian coldwater prawns. Fast forward to today and we continue to use the same level of care when curating the best seafood the world has to offer.

Caught in the deeply cold, clean waters of the Arctic, Coldwater Prawns of Norway are of an exceptionally high quality and purity that few other products in the world can compare to.

About the Brand: Coldwater Prawns of Norway

The company’s roots go back to 2007, when three former competitors in the prawn industry decided to join forces. Their passion for prawns and unrivaled focus on quality, purity, and the environment have brought them true global success as Norway’s largest exporter of coldwater prawns. Their products have brought them prestigious accolades such as the Gazelle Company of the Year in 2012, Innovasjon Norge Company of the Year in 2014, as well as the DOGA Merket Award for Design Excellence in 2015.

The company takes pride in an unwavering commitment to excellence and adhering to the highest possible standards. They are the only supplier in the world to deliver 100-per-cent, Norweigan coldwater prawns, individually quick frozen, with full MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), FOS (Friends of the Sea) and KRAV certification. They have also created their own certification brand, Pure Gourmet, which sets stringent guidelines in regards to sustainable harvesting and full traceability.

About the Product

Norway has established itself as a producer of uniquely rich, distinctively flavoured prawns. In the unspoilt waters of the Barents Sea, the ‘Pandalus borealis’ matures more slowly than other common variants, resulting in superior size, richer taste, and unique texture. No wonder Norwegians have been fishing this area for centuries!

By implementing an advanced on-board flash-freezing process right after capture, Coldwater Prawns of Norway are able to ‘lock in’ all the nutritional benefits and ensure the products are available all over the world. Right after landing the catch from depths of up to 1,300 metres (4,265 feet), the prawns are frozen to maintain their purity, colour, consistency, sweetness, and taste.

Regardless of where you live, you can now enjoy premium quality, nutritionally beneficial, and vitamin-rich prawns all year round. We are proud to offer this preservative-free, premium prawn product where maximum freshness is always guaranteed.

We offer the Coldwater Prawns of Norway product line in various sizes to suit individual customer needs. Please reach out to your local Oceanfood Sales office for further information.

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