Nanuk is Oceanfood Sales’ house brand with Nanuk smoked salmon being one of their top-leading products. Established with the company in 1970, Nanuk (which is the Inuit word for “polar bear”) is one of Oceanfood Sales’ long established products. With complete control over the process in our own plant, Nanuk delivers the highest possible quality Canadian Wild Salmon, Steehead, Trout, Mackerel, Albacore Tuna, Black Cod.

About the Brand: Nanuk

Established with Oceanfood Sales in 1970, Nanuk (which is the Inuit word for “polar bear”) was created as a B.C. brand of troll-caught salmon for European smokers. The brand has since developed into an iconic symbol; the Nanuk logo is now easily recognizable in the Canadian food service industry, as well as Canadian retail markets.

Nanuk Smoked Salmon

It was essential that frozen wild salmon being exported to Europe have brand identification. The Europeans like to associate their frozen salmon with originating from the cold Northern water and hence the NANUK brand was established. The original label was glazed onto each fish as a sign of quality. Our exposure to the European smokers and their products made us realize that there was a great opportunity to establish high-quality Nanuk smoked salmon products for the Canadian market. A high-quality German smoking kiln was acquired, and starting off with Canadian troll caught wild salmon, Nanuk smoked salmon products found their way into the Canadian market.

We are proud that Nanuk is able to curate one of the best selections of seafood the world has to offer, producing only the highest possible quality wild salmon, steelhead, trout, mackerel, albacore tuna and black cod. We also produce salmon fillet and portions, cold smoked tuna and albacore loins, hot smoked mackerel, hot smoked trout, smoked black cod and fillet, lingcod fillet, and halibut fillet.

We have developed Nanuk products through the years and will continue to do so, maintaining our brand’s reputation for superior quality. Only the best raw products are used to create Nanuk products. Since the company’s inception, we have cultivated a strict purchasing criteria for Nanuk that takes into account the sourcing and purveying of raw materials. This is one of the main reasons why Nanuk has become one of the largest and well-know brands of smokers in Canada.

We have crafted our production processes and practices with care and attention to detail, in order to consistently deliver the best possible products. Every item that we produce is inspected before it gets packaged to ensure the best possible product and experience for the consumer. Our production facility was established in 1985, and has since moved from East Vancouver into Richmond. It presently employs over 100 dedicated team members. Our employees constantly check for quality using our in-house testing facilities to do internal testing and monitoring. The Nanuk label carries our seal to ensure a mark of our quality products. All Nanuk products are Kosher, HACCP, and SQF-certified from a federally registered plant by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Oceanfood Sales has proudly provided top-quality seafood products to Canadians since 1970. Nanuk has been with us from the start, and Nanuk smoked salmon has continued to be one of our leading products. Today, Nanuk products are sold all over the world. You can find Nanuk products in North American, European, and Asian markets, in both retail and food service providers. We are always on the lookout for new products that can be produced in Canada, to enhance the Nanuk line and add value to the Canadian market. We pride ourselves on being Canadian-owned and operated, supporting as many local businesses as we can across the country.