Founded in 1983 in Volendam, Netherlands, Platvis has built a reputation on fishing and fish processing. With over 30 years of experience, Platvis offers a wide assortment of fish concepts using fresh plaice, dab, flounder, saithe, Alaska pollock, cod, and redfish.

We partnered with Platvis because of their outstanding drive to be the best, and to deliver the best. Working locally along the North Sea, Platvis has not only built their company on an admirable foundation of hand filleting, but they have provided the world with unique concepts. They continuously strive for excellence, developing their relationships and more innovative products.

About the Company

The Jonk family founded Platvis in 1983 in Volendam, Netherlands. This village on the shores of man-made lake IJsselmeer was renowned for fishing and fish processing. What started as hand-filleting fresh plaice turned into a strong and capable business.

In 1994, Platvis started experimenting with Baader machines to fillet different types of fish. Soon production was expanded, and bigger factory was was developed in Edam. It was then that Platvis transformed into a frozen fish producer and became known for their “fishconcepts.”

Today they supply their products worldwide, delivering to retailers and wholesalers all over Europe, in North America, and in Africa. With over 30 years of experience specializing in the filleting process, Platvis consistently produces top fish products.

Platvis works directly with fisherman and auction houses along the coast of the North Sea. From the moment they buy, Platvis has full control over the process, ensuring that their products are all within high level IFS regulations. All incoming products go through a rigorous process, under supervision of their dedicated quality team.

About the Products

Natural – Fresh, deep-frozen fish that has kept its taste, texture and freshness: those are their natural fillets. Their glazing will prevent them from de-hydration and will ensure its shelf life. Their natural fillets are ready to use, straight from the pack.

Dusted – Their dusted fillets are ready for the pan or the grill. The tasty fillets have a soft crispy bite due to the light, but spiced flour dusting. The real “meunière” experience: baked in butter with a lemon and parsley topping.

Breaded – breaded fish fillets are ready for the oven, deep fryer or pan, and thanks to the crunchy bite it will always be a success on the menu.

Nuggets – A mouth-watering treat, nuggets of the finest Cape Hake, prepared in a crisp tempura batter. Simply put it in the oven or the deep fryer and it is ready to serve. These nuggets are a healthy and savoury: a perfect snack.

Primavera – A tasty meal at any dinner table, thanks to a refined mix of lemon, parsley and spices every bite feels like a sensation. With Primavera fillets you serve a restaurant-quality meal at home.

Onion Crunch – The onion crunch fish fillets are breaded with pre-fried onions. It gives a crispy bite with a pleasant onion flavour. It is an ideal ingredient for a savoury meal at home or in any professional kitchen.