Notre Dame Seafoods provides top-quality fish and seafood, straight from the icy-cold waters of the North Atlantic. These quality products include shrimp, crab, and mackerel.

We have partnered with Canadian company Notre Dame Seafoods because of their dedication to quality. From water to wharf, Notre Dame has continued to build a strong relationship with their community, ensuring longevity of the sea as well as a consistent supply of quality Eastern Canadian products.

About the Company

Established in 1944 in Newfoundland, Canada, Notre Dame Seafoods has planted deep roots in Comfort Cove off the Atlantic Coast. In 1989 they became a subsidiary of the Newfoundland-owned and operated Pike Group of Companies.

From water to wharf, Notre Dame Seafoods is dedicated to supplying fresh coldwater seafood products to consumers around the world. Their high-quality raw products are supplied by dedicated and experienced local fisherman, who have a long history of landing the freshest seafood products.

Notre Dame Seafoods have valued partnerships with many owner-operated vessels. In addition, over the years they have continued to build relationships with harvesters, ensuring primary access to the freshest catches.

They have two processing plants, both located in Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland. The Comfort Cove facility produces mainly crab, pelagic, and ground fish products, and the Twillingate facility handles cooked and peeled shrimp. They employ over 350 highly trained employees to ensure that the highest product specifications and international standards are met. Notre Dame Foods voluntarily follows HACCP, EFSIS, and other leading standards and practices, and all of their products are fully traceable.

About the Products

Snow Crab – When cooked, the shell of the snow crab flushes vibrant orange. The meat is rich and sweet, with a firm texture. Bright coral on the outside and pristine white inside, snow crabmeat’s tender filaments are mild and delicate, perfect for a wide variety of preparation styles

Coldwater Shrimp – Coldwater shrimp are smaller than warm-water varieties. Their flavour is considered better, with a sweet, delicate taste compared to the blander warm-water varieties. When cooked, the shell turns bright pink and the meat inside becomes opaque, white-tinged with speckled coral pink.

Greenland Halibut / Turbot – This flatfish’s sweet, white flesh and rich flavour make is suitable for a wide range of preparation styles. It is also particularly high in Omega 3s, making it an ideal smoking fish.

Capelin – This small pelagic fish is moderately fatty, with fine bones. It is suitable for frying and pickling, and its roe are often eaten as a delicacy.

Mackerel – This pelagic fish has a very strong flavour, and oily flesh that is high in Omega 3s. It is most suited to pickling, marinating, and smoking.

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